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There are several websites with videos of elpirri Dj sets and full Ajnia albums. You can also listen some songs from Ajnia in sets of some of the greatest Djs of the scene (this or this other, for example). On the other hand, here you have a video showing the process of making a freehand drawing by Berta and elpirri using pencil and Sharpies. The music is from Cosmosis.

You can download the last Ajnia's album, and the others, from Bandcamp. Bandcamp makes it easy for fans to directly connect with and support the artists they love. We treat music as art, not content, and we tie the success of our business to the success of the artists who we serve.

Other sites

Here are some more places to find, listen to or download all music produced by Ajnia or mixed by elpirri`s alter ego: Psychicha, a high-energy Pytrance project.


Ektoplazm is a distribution portal and netlabel group devoted to psychedelic trance (psytrance), a distinct form of electronic dance music and a vibrant global counterculture. Founded in 2001 by Basilisk, Ektoplazm is now the world’s largest distributor of free (and legal) psytrance music specializing in high-quality Creative Commons-licensed content from netlabels and independent artists, all released in MP3 and lossless CD-quality FLAC and WAV formats. More than 18 million releases, 150 million tracks, and 4 petabytes of data have been downloaded by music lovers all over the planet.


Psychicha is the alter ego of elpirri as a ChilloutDj. Psychicha compose crazy Psytrance and Psychedelic Hi-Tec sessions for dancing. This project is, for the moment, stopped. But you can listen and download all his sessions from MixCloud. Here, you have an example of this

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